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    Many times families with children and teens find themselves in situations that may require extra support by professional organizations.  Seeking this support is the first step in helping the family’s situation to improve.

    The “Parenting Resource Directory” was designed by the Child Abuse Prevention Program to provide a listing of referral resources for care providers in the community. The programs listed in this directory have been identified as organizations that provide specific parenting services for families with children. These programs have not been evaluated in any way by CAPP; listing in this directory does not imply endorsement of a given program. When using this directory, the CAPP encourages you to assess the appropriateness of a given program for your family. The CAPP has made every attempt to make this directory as accurate and comprehensive as possible.

    The list is divided into parts of Los Angeles – for example; the San Fernando Valley, Metro,San Gabriel Valley, etc.  Please search for the area closest to you and your family.

    To access the directory click on the document at the bottom of this page…

    Also found below is a flyer for the South Valley Family Source Center, and OurHouse Grief Support Center.


    Parent Resource Directory

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