• Senior Army Instructor (SAI)
      • COL (R) Andrew Flynn
    • Army Instructor 
      • SFC (R) Jorge Martinez 


    Battalion Staff

    The Battalion Staff(Also known as the Big Five) are composed of five Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers who are responsible for the administrative, operational, and logistical needs of the Battalion. Each member of the Big Five is in charge of supervising and coordinating the efforts of other staff members within their respective areas. 

    • Battalion Commander (BC)
      • C/LTC Gasia Excel 
    • Executive Officer (XO)
      • C/1LT Arabi Afzal
    • Command Sergeant Major (CSM)
      • CSM Ann James
    • Sergeant Major (SSM)
      • C/SGM Drishti Regmi 
    • Operation Sergeant (OPS)
      • C/1SG Kyla Paguio


    Coordinating Staff

     The Coordinating Staff is compromised of Non-Commissioned Officers who manage their area of paperwork and logistical information. They are directly under the management of the Battalion Executive Officer. 

    • Adjutant (S-1) 
      • C/MSG Elom Attipoe
    • Security (S-2)
      • C/MSG Mafruha Esha
    • Operations (S-3)
      • C/MSG Christina Spiridon
    • Logistics (S-4)
      • C/MSG Tanni Nandi
    • Public Affairs (S-5)
      • C/MSG Jerom Alappatt


    Support Staff

     The Support Staff is compromised of Non-Commissioned Officers who assist the coordinating staff in their duties. Their work is directly correlated to the staff member they are supporting.

    • Admin NCO
      • C/SFG Shawn Mechery
        • Works with S-1
    • Special Project Officer
      • C/2LT Dennis Galin
        • Works with S-3